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Unhappy Found a problem, now just need to know where to go

Originally Posted by pinballdaveh View Post
using self test button advance to step 18 switch test. its looking for closed switches. if none are found 99 will be displayed. while in step 18 manually close the lower playfield captive hole switch and see if the machine reconizes it with a number. that switch munber can be found in your manual if you have one. if it does go to step 20 memory test , if all memory is fine number 99 will be displayed. if all that is fine j5 and j6 lower left and lower middle connectors on the cpu control board need to be checked for loose wires and corroded connections. circuit board edge connectors can usually be cleaned with a pencil eraser. if all that gets done with still having problem prob. a gate chip or inverter chip might be at fault. i dont have the board schematic or wiring diagram to tell which one. or it could be poss. a bad prom or prom socket.
I did the step 18 check and on the display it flashed: "15" and then followed with "25." I checked my manual for those two switches and they are the two which are located in the main floor ball drain area which load the balls and give you a new ball for each round of play. I didn't know what I should do from here. I cleaned the connector on the control board and checked for loose wires and corrosion, but all looks fine (at least to me). What should I do now?

Thanks so much!
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