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Originally Posted by LeeVanCleef View Post
If there's a reason why this site is no longer a pleasant place to visit, it's because Keith will always be lurking around to ruin it with his idiotic political bullshit fed to him by the drug addicts and child molestors that infest the AM radio talk shows that he listens to. Keith, you're either a fucking idiot, a fucking lunatic or a fucking traitor. Possibly all three.
Holy Shit Guys. This is supposed to be funny right? I have never seen such butt hurt sycophantic bleeding heart nonsense in all my life! And "Lee Van Queef" You give me way more credit than I earn for some old posts last year...The Power To Devastate You and wreck an entire web site! Taking it personally grossly over inflates your perceived self importance to this world. I have never addressed you in any personal way at all, ever. And NO guys, I don't engage in this type of discourse at any other site other than YouTube. No Face Page, none of it. I came here for the PINBALL and better understanding of how they work. Starting to post in this forum was therapy for me. It helped and forced me to slowly improve from devastating illness in 2011. I love helping others with pinball repairs. I appreciate interacting with every single *soul* @ Pinball Nirvana. I wish I had had more time to converse and learn from those now departed.
* Even you "L.V. Pussy Fart !" *

As for politics...I ask you to look at what allegiance to the Clinton/Bush/Obama crime family and controlled media has done to you and US. They continue to fracture and fuck all of US. It's not you and me, bud! Preserving terrorism and drugs is their main scheme. Hillary Clinton is the destroyer... OFF ALL SIDES. This woman has managed to ruin anyone and every one who interacts with her. For her or against her, IT DOES NOT MATTER! This is an amazing accomplishment. So, bill...Look at the joy she has brought you!

P.S. I started this page as an APRIL FOOLS JOKE. I made it politically inert and still think that joke is. Until today, I believe I have not said anything truly political since 2 DAYS BEFORE the election. Talk about living in the past! That was OVER half a year ago. Your reaction to political humor/imagery is some thin skinned bullshit. Taking it personally grossly over inflates your perceived importance in this world and makes you look a tad unstable. And NO, I don't listen to AM radio. I have not gloated over our president's victory though thrilled by this resurgence of true patriotism. The man is donating 100% of his overseas profits to the US treasury for Christ's sake. The Main Scheme Media is acting so childish, I am amazed you take one word of it seriously. Why you take this thread so seriously makes you look like Psycho-Bill, After re-reading the above, I think you are conflicted...At Best

When Lit

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