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Yeah, that seems like a fine assessment of the pickle we find ourselves in. And while there is no precedent for a president who thinks "precedent" is spelled "president" (I wish I was joking. Boy do I wish I was joking), there is a long history of America's stupid voters. I was listening to a Great Courses lecture on Donnie's hero Andrew Jackson, a mean-spirited hateful, thin-skinned egomaniac who , to be fair, could probably spell "precedent" and wasn't a filthy coward when it was time for his country to go to war. Professor Mark Levin described what made American voters idiotic enough to elect that carnival sideshow in the 1820s:

In an era of drastic change, people will look to a past idea for reassurance. The old concept of Janus-faced, of facing in two opposite directions of walking backwards into the future.

And he said that about seven years before Donnie decided to make America Great Again. The big difference between Andrew Jackson and Donnie Trump is that the people in the 1820s didn't have to wake up every morning wondering if their precedent was going to something globally stupid that would end in a mushroom cloud. They only had to worry about whether Andrew was going to show up at their door and shoot them in person.

All I knows is that, over the weekend I read that there's moss growing at the South Pole. Moss. Growing at the South Pole. We are so fucked. We are so good and fucked. I sure hope I don't have to live through what's going to happen. I sure hope all the Trumptards do. Gonna be tough bitching and whining about Hillary's emails when your computer is sitting under six feet of water at the place where you used to have a house.

I should add that, while I agree that we do all have our failings, the two simple things we should be smart enough to handle are common sense and common decency. Those are two ingredients missing from Donald Trump's Stupid Heads Club Band.

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