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Originally Posted by Ike Savage View Post
don't be tossin' him no softballs now, bill!

what is it with you two, anyway? sounds like you folks quarreled at some other site, or maybe one of the VP chatrooms.

I think I mentioned before that I came to PN the day after Black Tuesday and found Keith spouting his idiotic "fake news" blather in the chatbox. That just happened to coincide with the last day I took shit from fucking idiots who want to willfully destroy our country, all because they're breathtakingly stupid. We are four months into our ringside seats to this country eating itself from the inside-out, yet here's good ol' Keith, cheering from the sidelines and posting more horseshit because he has chosen to remain the same ignorant person he was when he popped his head out of his mother's hole. Hey, there's nothing wrong with being born ignorant. We all are... tabula rasa, right? But if that person wants to stay ignorant for the rest of their lives, if their inability to tell truth from fiction or shit from shinola endangers my country, myself and the people I care about, then that person can really and truly go fuck themselves.

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