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Originally Posted by GSGregg View Post
Sorry for the extended absence, Ike;

1) All I want to do is layer the small image over an unpopulated space on the larger image...and do you think there's a coherent how-to on the friggin' web? On the old XP machine, I did several edge-to-edge combinations, but no superimpositions, so I had no experience there that would help with W7's new, improved(!?) version of Paint.

I mean, how hard can it be to Paste a Copied image over a larger, background, image? I wind up looking for a Paste option that's either grayed out or nonexistent in the particular menu - like, wut the phuk!

So, forgetting the superimposition and just attaching two separate images, I'll try to get down to business...

2) Quote: GSGregg
So, commenting out stops it from being a spike-strip to the running of the table?

Quote, Ike: Yes. Didn't you try it?

I hadn't yet at the time; never dug into Visual Basic to see how things actually work...and that the commented line is just skipped by the resuming sequence. Game is playable now, but not repeatable without a little extra attention...


3) That Google Drive file collection looks old...I know Wrenchien is a name from before my time in VP. Wonder how old those tables are...?

4) At the end of Country Carnival, there's something else which didn't happen before (see attachments below) and has to be X'ed out before a new game can start...

I tried to see what it all meant, but you know how less-dick-sick can be.....

There is sufficient room in the lower right corner of the script pic to accept the Permission Denied box...without obscuring any text, but.....

1) What graphics program are you using? I can't think of a single one that wouldn't let you do that, including MS Paint.

2) Don't forget I offered to help you give it a permanent fix. It would involve converting the midi file and making a small change in-script.

3) They go back to the early aughts. Note that there's a few can't-miss tables in there they'd I've starred and highlighted.

Wrenchien's tables are weird, goofy and childish, but they're also pretty creative and give you a sense that VP can do a lot more than standard-look PB tables.

4) That looks related to an admin-rights or read-only setting. I'd say:

Right-click the active VP folder, choose Properties, choose Security, and then there's a bunch of permission settings, both there and in "Advanced" tab. Try to add any obvious permissions and see if that works.

You could also just comment out SaveHighScore if you don't care about the HS save. Best place to do it would be the first instance in script.
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