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Question 1975 Bally Knockout

I recently acquired a 1975 Bally Knockout, but am having an issue which keeps the score motor running continuously. Interestingly enough it starts to run as soon as the main power is switched on even before I activate the left flipper or initiate a game using the credit button.
If I ignore the score motor and initiate a game I can play a full game, 1 or 2 player without issues, all features work, Score resets, multiple points counts, ball kick out etc. When I apply light pressure on top of the zero position score motor switch stack it disengages the armature to the score motor when it reaches the home position and stops running. While in the stopped position (due to light pressure) if multiple points are scored , ball kick out is required, etc the motor runs as required and then stops, however when I release the pressure again it begins to run the score motor and never stops.
Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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