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Default Wimi green diamond

Hello again, After much thought I think you should give these Wimi bingo's another chance....I have two different wimi skillpins that I have going now and I think I can talk you through a repair with mimimal cost...The Wimi system as defined was changed through software changes and therefore does not stand....NO Electronic key and a lot of the safeguards that Wimi have to prevent cheating have been removed....If we can get one or two of these units going you will have something special to Own and play...I will show you how to make a service box and point you to the places where you can find all the info needed to reset the games if they are working but just need to be reset...This is what sites like this are for. If you would like to compensate me you can do that with parts from what you don't need...I grew up playing Bingo's and really have fun playing them because every game is different and these pins are much less problems than their electromechanical brothers the Bally's....My e-mail is if you wish to contact me...By the way Working these are worth about $1500.00 so think about this....Larry
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