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Time for an update...
I've added 4 more Tech Charts for Hotdoggin, Mystic, Silverball Mania and Viking.
Updated the Skateball Tech Chart as it had the wroung switch matrix info.
Bally Monte Carlo (1972) has all it's cards added to the file.
The coil wrapper for Zaccaria D.45 S.1000 was not completed, but now it is.
I was happy to help out with a card file for Genco Screwball.
Gottlieb Scuba and Stage Coach were another challenge to find.
Carny Priest has also been busy with some Promo cards for Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Maiden and Star Wars.
He made a very nice job of the Whizbang Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons cards.
Williams Disk Jockey was also a rare find to be added to the archive.
Zaccaria Earth, Wind and Fire also found it's way to me and got a better card now.

If you ever need a card/file that is not on my website, please ask me.
I can always look if I have something tucked away.
I hope you all like my work.

If you like my work, please send me a donation via PayPal.

31 may 2018 changes
New made or updated card files:
Bally Hotdoggin Tech Chart added
Bally Monte Carlo (1972) zip file updated
Bally Mystic Tech Chart added
Bally Silverball Mania Tech Chart added
Bally Skayteball Tech Chart corrected
Bally Twilight Zone zip file updated
Bally Viking Tech Chart added
Coil wrapper Stern J-26 1600 added
Coil wrapper Zaccaria 50VDC D45-S1000 corrected
Genco Screwball zip file added
Gottlieb Scuba zip file added
Gottlieb Stage Coach zip file added
Stern Guardians of the Galaxy Promo card file added (Thanks to Carny_Priest)
Stern Iron Maiden Promo card file added (Thanks to Carny_Priest)
Stern Star Wars Promo card file added (Thanks to Carny_Priest)
Stern Star Wars 755-51J5-03 card file added
Stern Star Wars 755-51J5-12 card file added
Whizbang Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons file added (Thanks to Carny_Priest)
Williams Disk Jockey zip file added
Zaccaria Earth Wind and Fire zip file added
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