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After Germanyís genocidal madman ignored all international treaties, invaded Poland and started WWII, the Soviet Unionís genocidal madman wanted to show that he was a big boy, too. He decided to pick out a tiny, backwards country he could crush. So he invaded Finland. And Finland kicked his ass right back across the border. Why did those Finns die fighting a genocidal madman? So, 80 years later, some filthy Finnish Nazi could post his Hitler porn.
Yeah, this videoís really popular with Americaís own vicious, ignorant racists. It showed up on another board I visit, admittedly one busier than this. It was taken down an hour after it went up. This is hateful, racist propaganda made by hateful racists. Hitler was a genocidal madman. Beginning and end of story. The only people who donít believe that are filthy fucking Nazis.
Well, my fine, filthy, Finnish Nazi, I think youíll find Uncle Vlad is going to be a little harder to get rid of than poor olí crazy Uncle Joe. Uncle Vladís gonna wrap around you like an octopus. Youíre fucked, Nazi. Good and fucked.
I guess I picked a really bad time to cruise by and see what was happening. I can promise you I wonít make that mistake again.
Fuck you, Nazi trash.
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