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I'm not going to dispute that he's not animated and "somewhat of a showman". I know this. But I think these things are similar views that he, I, and many others share.

Build a wall? Try "breaking into other countries", and see how you fare. Likely you'll be shot or arrested, if you're lucky. Building a wall seems tame by comparison.

Pro drilling? Hell yeah, this directly drives the economy- cheap energy. We SHOULD continue to work on alternative energy, but that's not quite ready yet. We are not far away, but if I decided I wanted an electric car to "save the planet". I can't afford one. When we can provide viable alternatives for the masses and not have trade offs, like higher cost, we will be ready. If I can pay this amount and have my choice of a gas OR electric car, we will be ready. In the meantime let's keep things going until we get there, not stifle them. Car's are a lot cleaner than they used to be, even if they suck now.

We've LONG needed someone to run the country like a business, there would be a LOT less red ink. After all, this is our economy we are talking about. Promoting businesses to expand by reducing regulations, and taxes help enable this.

Not letting the UN run our country. This country used to be bad ass, NO ONE would ever dare tell us what to do, and now they want run our country for us? America FIRST.

The NFL thing was a joke. Those idiots SHOULDN'T be allowed to play, period. Try that crap in another country and see how you fare. They could only pull a stunt like that because you have the freedoms we have worked so hard to keep.

Is he everything I wanted, no. He can go over the top more than I'd like, but it's definitely the better of the choices we had. If I made a list of everything I thought was right in a president, someone would disagree, and start a thread such as this one. The wonderful thing is that we have the freedom to even argue something like this.
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