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No I don't. I'm quite happy watching the people that oppose him squirm and whine and cry.

Trump is not a politician, as a result he's like a normal guy in the respect that he's not a career politician, and doesn't know all of the protocols on how to act. Even so, he doesn't care how to act, he wants what he wants and that's it. I'm fine with that, in fact, I'd be less restrained...

From what I've seen he doesn't care what's in his way, he wants to accomplish what he thinks is right. Since I agree with what I've seen so far (less globalism, no more pc), I'm fine with that.

He's brought to light/acted on things that people have been saying for years, but no one would listen. I mean other countries have their military on the border, why can't we have a simple wall? All the idiots in the NFL, LMFAO. Do you NOT pull for your own team?? You live here, this is YOUR team. This PC crap makes me sick. I'm NOT PC. If you're an asshole/commit a crime, you get treated as such, no matter what color you are. One question: When is White history month? I mean, if we want to be TRULY equal...

I managed 100 people in my old job- 95% black. I never treated anyone different than anyone else, and I even went to bat for some of the better workers. But if you don't do the job, or won't show up for work I can't help you.
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