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It's been a few months since my last update.
Real life taking it's toll...
Well, here is the next update.

I've found/received and dozen images from Bally - balls per game - cards and added those to the zip file.
While working on the cards for Bally Joust, I received an image for Captain Fantstic Score adjustments card.
Bally Joust also have a bigger set of cards now and a relay strip (in parts).
So does Bally Rockmakers.
I've added more cards to Bally Fireball and added a sip file for Bally Hang Glider.
There was a small error in the Hi-Score chart for The Wiggler which has been corrected.
Three more card files have been added for Chicago Coin games Astronaut, Moon Shot and Playtime.

While I was working the kinks out of the Data East fuse cards, I found one missing.
As the second version Playfield Power Board (PPB) was never right documented, I also didn't find a fuse card for it.
Now there is one, along with the fuse card for the first version PPB.

Request were made for Playmatic - Fantastic and Williams - Double Play (batting game).
And a few German label are added.

I could use some help in finding a readable image from the schematics for Bally - Beat the Clock and Bally - Lady Luck.
The available files on the ipdb are just not readable enhough to make out the wire details for the Tech Charts.
Maybe some others too in the future.

I hope you all like my work.
Enjoy and have fun,

Here is a list of changes:
1 july 2017 changes
New made or updated card files:
Bally M-1509 Balls Per Game cards zip file corrected
Bally Captain Fantastic added score adjustment card to zip file
Bally Fireball cards added to zip file
Bally Hang Glider zip file added
Bally Joust added cards and relay strip to zip file
Bally Power Play cards added to zip file
Bally Rockmakers cards and relay strip added to zip file
Bally Stepping unit lubrication card corrected
Bally Tuff Coat label zip file corrected
Bally Wiggler adjustments card added to zip file
Bally Wiggler Hi score adjustments card corrected
Chicago Coin Astronaut zip file added
Chicago Coin Moon Shot zip file added
Chicago Coin Playtime zip file added
Coin door label ACHTUNG zip file added
Coin door label Danger zip file added
Data East power supply fuse label 820-6095-00 zip file added
Data East PPB fuse label 820-6076-00 zip file added
Data East PPB 520-5021-00 fuse label zip file added
Data East PPB 520-5021-05 fuse label zip file added
Playmatic Fantasy zip file added
Williams Double Play zip file added
Williams fuse label added to zip file
Williams "Vorsicht 220V" label zip file added

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