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WARNING: little bit of a philosophical rant here.

i think man's bias towards conservation of mental resources and the ultra-heavy bias towards self interest inclines us all to be stoopid in any number of ways. to go against that stuff is in fact a battle.

so you have people living in a crowded, tumultuous world who understand (correctly) that decent jobs are getting scarcer, standard of living is slipping and so forth, and *boom* you have a more desperate electorate more willing to gamble, more willing to become addicted to hopium, more willing than ever to vote for an autocrat that represents an anti-political iconoclast to them. then, the concept of "fake news" and "spin" is all too easy to use as a tool for disregarding unpalatable facts about their hopium candidate and even just disregarding the unpalatable nature of reality.

i mean, these are some mighty tasty carrots to appeal towards peoples' willful stupidity. the alternative is a much more stressful and laborious approach to understanding reality. sort of like most peoples' attitude towards global climate change-- if it's not personally affecting them, then it's someone else's problem or even just a big hoax. just some classic bias of the human-animal mind... resisting inconvenient facts.

and then add these types of voters to the classic rural distrust towards regulations / city people... as well as the righteous religious who want to dictate others choices because they can't control their own distaste for gays, abortion, minorities, etc.

i guess my point is is that we're all manipulable creatures, full of cognitive biases, who all struggle with this stuff on the regular. we all have that idiot potential, so it comes down to which of our buttons are being pressed to help us behave that way. so yeah, i think this election was more about the buttons involved than people behaving unusually.

history is a never-ending tapestry of civilisations that spun out of control and sped their own collapse. we're only the latest and greatest IMO. eating humble pie and sacrificing wealth, comfort and convenience so that we can all survive is just too much for people to handle. we're all guilty of it, even us anti-trumpers.
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