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Itchy, if you think you're nuts then picture this.
My first car was a '64 Ford Falcon. I Loved That Car!

I had plans to repaint it Chocolate. With Antique Black burnishing around the wheel wells, like the 70's style of "Antique Appliance Finishes".

My Old Man one day decided to spray paint it Red with White Roof, like A Fire Chief Car. I was asleep at the time. On a Sunday Morning. He pretended to be drunk at the time. He did a shitty job. This was the car that I drove to Warner/Reprise in, for work.

Later in the same era, my younger Sister smashed thr front end when she hit another car with it. She was okay. She was 19. She had no job and was driving to college at the time. She initially refused to help buy a replacement car. She claimed it wasn't fair. I don't know how the hell she was able to settle with the other driver in the wreck. She got a job at McDonalds and then gave me some money.

I took that money and bought a '69 Plymouth Valiant 100 that my Old Man found for me. From a lovely and charming couple in Canoga Park, Ca.

I bought that blue '69 Plymouth Valiant 100 from Georgina Spelvin and Howard Duff.
The same car that, several years later, David Milch rear-ended with a Maserati
one night on Sunset Blvd. I paid $350 for that Plymouth.
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