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JonPurpleHaze 02-06-2018 05:21 PM

twitch stream, dude paying 500 to ransomware support scammers
After the super bowl I wanted to show the twitch program to my brother who recently bought a microphone in anticipation of starting as a dj in a radio broadcast, twitch might be an alternative option for him as a streamer. Last week I installed twitch to watch folks playing a game live (Project Cars2) before possibly purchasing the game.

We loaded this guys stream (Kitboga) on Sunday and laughed for hours, he was acting like a 70 year old grandmother while calling a ransomware scammers support phone number. I guess he does live streams on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursdays at 9pm EST but found some of his older videos of streams here:

I'm going to try and embed a video of the stream we were watching, it was hilarious!

<iframe src="" allowfullscreen="true" scrolling="no" height="378" frameborder="0" width="620"></iframe>Watch Paying $500 to have the "hackers" removed from my computer. from Kitboga on


Ike Savage 02-07-2018 10:44 PM

Uh... I think I understood about one complete sentence out of that. Would you say I'm out of the loop? (don't answer that, please!)

Seriously, I've never understood the concept of watching streamers either live or on youtube. It seems like their mission (which they take very seriously) is to fumble around prolongedly trying to figure out what they wanted to say in the first place, while my mission is to saw wood.

Actually I'd say it's a pretty good arrangement. :)

JonPurpleHaze 02-08-2018 05:42 AM

Yeah, it sounds like you didn't listen long enough and I didn't explain it properly. I listened to another live steam on Tuesday and it was also funny.
I also discovered that it's better to watch the videos on twitch instead of the embedded version because you can see the chat and stuff that's going on while he was on the phone. They absolutely know what they are doing and each call is planned out for the most part.

Remember the old prank phone calls? This is sorta like that except he sometimes uses a voice changer and he has a team of others that help him with some background tasks during the calls. They are trying to expose scum sucking computer hackers that pretend to be microsoft support technicians usually at phone centers in India.

Tuesday night the scammers were going to try and charge him almost $2,000 to remove a virus that didn't exist on his computer that he remotely gave access to the scammers. Another part of their goal is to try and waste as much time as possible before identifying themselves so they have less time to hurt real people. Some of the scammers get really impatient and end up very pissed off.

Ike Savage 02-08-2018 06:04 AM

Oh, I gotcha. As a matter of fact I have a slightly unhealthy interest in this stuff, especially when the tables get turned on the scammers.

One of my subscribed subreddits, "ProRevenge," regularly gets these kinds of stories posted. Some of them are rather ingeniously diabolical. If you're interested, you can check them out here:


Try to scam me? Nah. I think I will just track you down, alert the ...

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Saw the post on the front page about the Indian scammers ...

Then there's the "419 Eaters," a different group that specialises in torturing Nigerian scammers in particular. Many of these stories are absolutely brutal and absolutely classic. :)

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