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swatty 04-16-2017 03:06 PM

Monte Carlo Spin-A-Ball not working
System 80b. Ground mods done. When roulette wheel is triggered I get the sound but no spin. If I hit the machine the ball bounces enough to trigger the switch. Also the flipper is supposed to stop the top lane lights but doesn't. And big flasher on left side is locked on. Good place to start?

Coil_Smoke 04-17-2017 04:09 PM

Guess I'd start cleaning roulette wheel contacts. Without schematics hard to offer real help. Don't quite understand the flipper/ lane light connection but if its 'lane changing' flipper action, there may be a second set of contacts on flipper switch to check. Does System 80b have A/B relay type switching for solenoid drivers? That 'stuck' flasher lamp circuit may be effecting another coil or???

I wanted to pass along the story and names in Monte Carlo back glass...C_S

"The translite was photographed at the Gaslight Club in Chicago, Illinois. Alvin Gottlieb and Gil Pollock are standing in the background.

Don Marshall told us he did the photographic translite and the brochures and magazine advertising. We do not know who did the playfield and cabinet art. Larry Day has informed us that he did not do art for this game."

"the roulette wheel is so poorly designed you'll spend most of your time fixing the wheel instead of playing the game. The wheel has to be so perfectly tweaked to operate correctly. Want a roulette wheel on a pinball? Look towards williams' ''millionaire'' Hands down the best roulette wheel and very easy to adjust and works like a charm (as long as the contact are clean) Now back to Monte. Many people don't realize thats Alvin G on the backglass and couple other big wigs from gottlieb."

swatty 04-20-2017 01:03 PM

Thanks Coil Smoke, I pulled the wheel out and trying to get it apart. It has a EM type relay bank that runs it. So clean/adjusted. Good info on the history. I should get some time to finish it up soon.
Thanks again!

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