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Phoenixx 08-02-2009 12:57 AM

Speed Tut: From Zero To Playing In 1:11
A picture is worth a thousand posts - a video is priceless.

1:11 from starting the installation to plunging the first ball.

Use the HQ Option and click the fullscreen button for best picture!

(Video must be started first for HQ Option to appear.)

" title="YouTube - 1:11 From Starting The Installation To Plunging The 1st Ball" target="_blank">YouTube - 1:11 From Starting The Installation To Plunging The 1st Ball

TheMcD 08-02-2009 05:13 AM

Well, I don't think people already have tables and ROM ready without actually installing VP/M, so that number is slightly cheating. Although it's nice to see the 3CVIP in action for the first time.

The McD

Phoenixx 08-02-2009 08:47 AM

No 'cheating' involved really; this was merely to demonstrate how fast you can plunge the first ball in a best-case-scenario.

(Meaning when you know every step and execute it directly with no pause. Hence the title 'Speed Tut'.)

The other point was of course to demonstrate how little effort it takes to install VP/VPM and the rest of the stuff.

I will make a real Tut eventually, although what more is there to say? You have seen how fast the VIP3C completes the installation so theres little to tell there. The only things i can think of is to explain how to download Tables and ROMs and maybe a brief glimpse at the options in VP and VPM. But in essence the shown process is the whole process; install, put tables and ROMs, play,...

Tomcat Leader 08-03-2009 01:11 AM

Now does this also include the pinserver programs/files needed for DMD tables like Marvin the Martian and Tron2? Just thought I"d ask for for my GK (general knowledge).

jasonroy 09-09-2018 08:09 AM

All things considered, I don't think individuals as of now have tables and ROM prepared without really introducing VP/M, so number is somewhat duping. Despite the fact that it's decent to see the 3CVIP in real life out of the blue.

amandalove 09-13-2018 02:24 AM

I know but I've been keeping all the versions since the time they were released and that is the only one I'm missing, I have been looking for it for some time through lots of sites but I haven't found it anywhere, by the way, thank you for making the whole install process so simple with your V.I.P.s

alvinrr 01-06-2019 08:34 AM

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louishil8274 06-09-2019 11:22 PM

I love pinball
Playing pinball always give me some sort of excitement when I was a kid and even now as an adult. I remember when my mom gave me a new/ replacement social security card form instead of filling the info, I ran to the front arcade and played flippers pinball.

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