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Latest Files
3-D Stooges vp 9.21
Winner (Midway 1964) VP912
Race-Way (1963 Midway) VP
Oh Boy - Williams 1964
Wyrd Sisters VP 9.21
Yellow Submarine VP 9.21
Squarehead (Gottlieb 1963) VP 9.21
Paddock (Williams 1969) VP 9.21
PaulBunyan (Gottlieb 1968) VP 9.21
Heat Wave-voice (Williams 1964) VP 9.21
Gusher (Williams 1958) VP 9.21
Buckaroo (Gottlieb 1965) VP 9.21
BigCasino (Gottlieb 1961) VP 9.21
Gold Star - Gottlieb 1954 - VP9
Gold Star - Gottlieb 1954 - VP8
Magic Clock - Williams 1960 - VP9
Magic Clock - Williams 1960 - VP8
Derby Day - Gottlieb 1956 - VP9
Derby Day - Gottlieb 1956 - VP8
Air Aces (Bally 1974) vp 9.21
Tucson (Williams 1949) VP 9.20
Space Ship (Williams 1961) VP9.20
Spin Wheel (Gottlieb 1968) vp 9.20
Pro pool (Gottlieb 1973) 9.20
BankABall (Gottlieb 1965) VP 9.20
Bart and Homer (4.0)
Bowie (3.0)
Rogo Bally 1974 9.21
Pirate Gold DS 9.21
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Downloads  Pinball Creator manual : Pinball Creator is a commercial Pinball Editor that uses the Unity Engine and Editor that allows people to build their own pinball tables. Unlike the freeware editors Visual Pinball and Future Pinball, the main selling point with Pinball Creator is the table builder can use prefabricated parts or entire sections complete with textures and the script needed already included just by dragging and dropping. A fully featured and functioning table complete with all the code can be built in a matter of hours. This download is the 2 part manual included with the purchase of Pinball Creator (14.19 MB) 10-02-2017 137 0
Downloads  Sample Table : Made with Unity and Pinball Creator. This is a self exe, and is for standalone play. You do not need Unity or Pinball creator to play this, just click the icon. Included is a exported file as a zip NOTES: - Use the Z and / keys for the flippers - S,L,Spacebar for nudging - C adjusts view, I recommend 3 NOTE: This was done with only a few hours of learning unity and Pinball Creator from scratch. This is only a example and I never even studied unity or PC, so take this with a grain of salt when you play it. This program, and Unity itself, is far more capable in experienced hands, and certainly not by someone who didn't even read the manual. There are mistakes in this package, there a ... [more] (30.25 MB) 09-21-2017 168 0
Downloads  Sample Table (Slow Computers) : This is the same table as the sample table, but for slower computers. Lighting and shadow effects are switched off etc. If you have a modern computer, you will find this table to be too fast in places. (29.90 MB) 10-05-2017 65 0

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