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Latest Files
Astronomer 9.21
Crash Bandicoot
Addams Family 9.21
Age of Chivalry vp 9.21
Metroid 5
The 90's (2.0)
3-D Stooges vp 9.21
Winner (Midway 1964) VP912
Race-Way (1963 Midway) VP
Oh Boy - Williams 1964
Wyrd Sisters VP 9.21
Yellow Submarine VP 9.21
Squarehead (Gottlieb 1963) VP 9.21
Paddock (Williams 1969) VP 9.21
PaulBunyan (Gottlieb 1968) VP 9.21
Heat Wave-voice (Williams 1964) VP 9.21
Gusher (Williams 1958) VP 9.21
Buckaroo (Gottlieb 1965) VP 9.21
BigCasino (Gottlieb 1961) VP 9.21
Gold Star - Gottlieb 1954 - VP9
Gold Star - Gottlieb 1954 - VP8
Magic Clock - Williams 1960 - VP9
Magic Clock - Williams 1960 - VP8
Derby Day - Gottlieb 1956 - VP9
Derby Day - Gottlieb 1956 - VP8
Air Aces (Bally 1974) vp 9.21
Tucson (Williams 1949) VP 9.20
Space Ship (Williams 1961) VP9.20
Spin Wheel (Gottlieb 1968) vp 9.20
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Downloads  Visual Install Pack : Version: Visual_Install_Pack_8.1_2.1+NT_3C.exe By Phoenixx VIP Support Forum Updates: 3-Click Version: 1 to run installer, 1 to start installation, 1 to exit installer Silent/Automatic VisualPinMAME Installation Unneeded Solid-State STERN Samples removed / sounds are all emulated now One Font added Help Documents cleaned up, reorganized and partially rewritten Text for VPMs fullscreen option rewritten / function of checkbox now better understandable VisualPinMAME Setup executable renamed from 'VPinMAME Installation & Setup' to 'VisualPinMAME Setup' VisualPinMAME StartMenu-Entry changed from 'Setup VPinMAME' to 'Configure VisualPinMAME' Uninstaller Icon removed from StartMenu-Entry A ... [more] (12.92 MB)   Pinned File 08-02-2009 1388 0
Downloads  BALLY 6803 NVRAM FILES : Bally 6803 NVRAM files. Needed to start Bally 6803 tables. Without these files Bally 6803 tables won''t accept coins. (3.9 KB) 10-13-2009 329 1
Downloads  Easier Installation Information : Organized information on installing VP and VPinMAME on your computer, and getting it to work the first time. (3.4 KB) 10-13-2009 216 0
Downloads  GTS3 NVRAM FILES : GTS 3 NVRAM files. Needed to start GTS 3 VPM tables. Without these files GTS 3 games won''t accept coins. (12.8 KB) 10-13-2009 288 1
Downloads  PD Fading Light System : 5.7 (64.7 KB) 02-13-2009 148 0
Downloads  twilight zone pinball video : this is the video that putting the options of the pinball twilight zone (22.95 MB) 10-31-2014 121 0
Downloads  VBS Script Files : 3.27 Required for ROM emulation in solid state tables. Extract and place into your "Tables" folder (95.4 KB) 02-13-2009 449 0
Downloads  Visual PinMAME : Required to run any Visual PinMAME Table! Version 2.1 (February 1st, 2009) - No interface changes, refer to whatsnew.txt for PinMAME changes. See (1.74 MB) 10-13-2009 358 0
Downloads  Visual PinMAME : In the tradition of the VP alpha/beta thread, here is a beta version of what is (hopefully) to become the next VPM release: new settings in the game settings menu: -cabinet mode (basically the changes you know already from destruks/ultracades VPM cabinet build) -fast frames (dto, fast forward loading of ROMs) -ignore rom crc (dto, to include ROM modifications (text, etc) more easily) -pindmd (for now only pindmd2, pindmd1 -might- be included, otherwise there will be own compiles possible that include it in an easy way) -colorized dmd (to optionally select 4 different colors for the DMD, provided by mjr) in addition, all the changes made by the french pinball team are also in, ... [more] (1.42 MB) 10-31-2014 223 0
Downloads  Visual PinMAME 2.8b (Standalone DLL) 2.8b : Standalone DLL and Setup.exe, changelog, and other updated docs Installation: Simply copy all of the files in the ZIP into your already existing Visual PinMAME directory. Overwrite already existing files there when asked. Run Setup.exe and press the 'Install' button. Also you may want to press the 'Setup Defaults' button to tweak the new options, like sound mode for example. NOTE: If you use an external hardware display/DMD (*******/PinDMD1/2/3), copy the respective files from the included subdirectories into the main directory to be able to use it. So no more need for separate builds like it was the case with 2.7 and before! NOTE2: In addition this also includes freezys new DMD ... [more] (19.21 MB) 03-16-2017 358 0

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