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Latest Files
Metroid 5
The 90's (2.0)
3-D Stooges vp 9.21
Winner (Midway 1964) VP912
Race-Way (1963 Midway) VP
Oh Boy - Williams 1964
Wyrd Sisters VP 9.21
Yellow Submarine VP 9.21
Squarehead (Gottlieb 1963) VP 9.21
Paddock (Williams 1969) VP 9.21
PaulBunyan (Gottlieb 1968) VP 9.21
Heat Wave-voice (Williams 1964) VP 9.21
Gusher (Williams 1958) VP 9.21
Buckaroo (Gottlieb 1965) VP 9.21
BigCasino (Gottlieb 1961) VP 9.21
Gold Star - Gottlieb 1954 - VP9
Gold Star - Gottlieb 1954 - VP8
Magic Clock - Williams 1960 - VP9
Magic Clock - Williams 1960 - VP8
Derby Day - Gottlieb 1956 - VP9
Derby Day - Gottlieb 1956 - VP8
Air Aces (Bally 1974) vp 9.21
Tucson (Williams 1949) VP 9.20
Space Ship (Williams 1961) VP9.20
Spin Wheel (Gottlieb 1968) vp 9.20
Pro pool (Gottlieb 1973) 9.20
BankABall (Gottlieb 1965) VP 9.20
Bart and Homer (4.0)
Bowie (3.0)
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Download File Date Downloads Comments
Downloads  Display Driver : Propst Pinball Advanced Scripting Classes Display Classes, Version 1.0 The display class controls a two-line segment display. It takes full advantage of advanced FP features, automates tasks, and provides a copy on the hud. In addition, there's a class for running timed modes, showing the timer on the display. Documentation and a demonstration table are included. (89.8 KB) 10-30-2014 163 0
Downloads  Future Pinball 2.5 : Future Pinball 2.5 First install Future Pinball 1.9 Then Unzip this file and drag the 1 single file into your game folder C:\Games\Future Pinball make a shortcut for it and now you have both versions running. You will notice the Future Pinball Logo is GONE :D ta da. All your games will run 2 times faster. (5.31 MB) 11-27-2016 762 0
Downloads  Future Pinball Program : Version Future Pinball is a real time Pinball Development System. It allows you to design and play your very own pinball simulation in True real time 3D. It uses Advanced Physics to provide the best possible Simulation of a true to life pinball machine. Future Pinball Home! (23.33 MB) 10-30-2014 320 0
Downloads  Future Pinball Template : This is a template for Future pinball, it has all the basic's to help people get started. The table rules are simple to start,get all the drop targets down for bonus in the left side kicker. Hit the blue target to light special in the right side kicker.(you can add many more targets for your table). (315.4 KB) 10-30-2014 262 1
Downloads  Gimp Lighting Tutorial with Plastics table : This is a Gimp Lighting Demo covering the basics of getting started with the 'Dodge' tool and lights. I am also including a 'plastics' table, so you can see how gimp works with the images and how you set them to the plastics. I posted about it in new releases but this IS a tutorial... (16.39 MB) 10-30-2014 109 0
Downloads  Light Control Classes : Propst Pinball Advanced Scripting Classes Light Control Classes, Version 1.0 These are two classes that gives you objects for controlling lights, including advanced effects. Documentation and a demonstration table are included. (86.1 KB) 10-30-2014 91 0
Downloads  Music Class : Propst Pinball Advanced Scripting Classes Music Class, Version 1.0 Manages the music-playing functions of FP, making it easy to play music tracks with advanced options. There's also an advanced PlaySound-function, for playing sound-effects with looping and variable speed. Documentation and a demonstration table are included. (425.6 KB) 10-30-2014 111 0
Downloads  Timer Classes : Propst Pinball Advanced Scripting Classes Timer Classes, Version 1.0 These are two classes for managing timed events, and removes the need to make a timer object for each event. Documentation and a demonstration table are included. (57.9 KB) 10-30-2014 92 0

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