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  1. Need Someone in Ohio that can pick up pinball machine.
  2. Classified Ads and Auctions
  3. Roll Over (1937 Genco Mfg. Co.)
  4. Bally Airway or parts wanted!
  5. price check, metal posts
  6. Five Star Final parts wanted
  7. Brazilian Rowamet Pinball machines
  8. Lindstrom's Gold Star: about how much is it worth?
  9. pcb repairs
  10. Rochester NY Gameroom Show
  11. ?More E-bay craziness?
  12. Akron OH Pinball/Gameroom Show March 24th-25th
  13. Thread of off-topic posts
  14. Vierzon 2006 pinball show
  15. First images of Vierzon 2006: backglasses of old pinballs
  16. A real video game pinball machine at Vierzon 2006
  17. Rochester Gameroom Show
  18. Wanted: Various assemblies
  19. 2008 Rochester Game Room Show
  21. looking for switch for the ramps on a gottlieb street fighter 2
  22. WTB: GTB-MA1358 gottlieb sys 3 driver board
  24. looking for backglass
  25. Firepower Backglass Needed
  26. Backglass for Williams "Space Mission"
  27. Williams Travel Time Pinball
  28. Will trade CFTBL for Family Guy or Adams Family
  29. WTB Firepower Backglass
  30. Picked up a Gold Rush game need to sell it!
  31. Selling Judge Dredd, F14 Tomcat, and Mario
  32. Williams Comet Parts Needed
  33. WTB: Dr.DUDE
  34. 1982 ROCKY Pinball Machine Going On EBAY Tonight!!
  35. EM Lucky Seven
  36. 1942's Bally's Rancho Pinball Machine for sale
  37. Eye of the tiger machine for sale!!!!!!!!!
  38. eye of the tiger for sale
  39. WANTED: BABY PAC-MAN MPU Board and Vivid chips!
  40. william's TURF CHAMP (19580
  41. Williams Honey
  42. FS: Original Wiliams Suspense
  43. FS: Star Wars Data East (Blacksburg VA)
  44. FS: Star Wars Pinball Data East
  45. FS: Data East Star Wars Pin
  46. Popeye Pinball FOR SALE
  47. FS: Lots of Solenoids NOS, tested last night, 50% below market value
  48. FS: eproms, pinball parts, sound roms, cpu's for pinball and arcade 50% off others!
  49. New Continental Golden
  50. Hang Glider Back glass
  51. street fighter 2 pin ball on ebay
  52. Stargate part help
  53. WTB: Gottlieb Atlantis
  54. WTB Tommy topper/sexy girl cap
  55. Gottlieb Stargate, Data East Sega Frankenstein Parts for Restoration
  56. For Sale: Creature from the Black Lagoon + Breakshot
  57. For Sale: Dr Dude (UK)
  58. FS: Data East Star Wars
  59. Indy 500 ramp
  60. Pinballs for sale
  61. Desperate for M.S. Frankenstein Parts!! Help
  62. FS: 1941 Knockout by Exhibit
  63. H6 game rom for DM
  64. New to forum
  65. 1970 Gottlieb Mini Cycle EM Pinball Machine
  66. WTB: Twilight Zone
  67. I have a 1948 Gottlieb Buccaneer Pinball - What's it worth???
  68. 1970 Williams Strike Zone Instruction card
  69. Flash Gordon Strobe Bracket
  70. High speed parts needed
  71. 1964 Gottlieb Happy Clown Pinball Machine
  72. WTB: Gottlieb Volcano Pinball in Chicago Area
  73. Chicago coin capri
  74. FS: World Challenge Soccer
  75. used pop bumpers needed -
  76. Wanted: 1986 Pinbot corkscrew ramp (reddish -orange original)
  77. Back Glass for Sale
  78. Demolition Man Ramps
  79. WTB: Williams Jubilee Back Glass
  80. The Addams Family Special Collectors Edition
  81. Source for EM Gottlieb lockdown bar end caps?
  82. Williams logo coin entry block off plate wanted
  83. Need Skateball Parts
  84. 1968 Williams Lady Luck back glass wanted (or high res pic)
  85. Fair price for nice 'DR DUDE'?
  86. Chicago Coins Gold Crown Big Bowler *FOR SALE*
  87. Gottlieb Slick Chick- looking for lock down bar?
  88. Demolition Man decals
  89. WTB: Comet center ramp
  90. LF Cosmic Gunfight
  91. Need high res backglass photo of Williams Blue Chip
  92. WTB a used Kiss Pinball Cabinet Stencil
  93. WTB a Southpark Back Glass
  94. Need Gottleib Corral Backglass Art (or actual backglass)
  95. Cabinet painting question
  96. FS Segasa Sonic Prospector Pinball
  97. pinball parts ,almost complete offer, UPDATE 62
  98. Hook Pinball
  99. Bally/Stern LED Flicker Terminator
  100. Purchased Pinball Machine From Fun Billiards and Game Room from Texas
  101. Black Knight
  102. Set of 3 MM rails on eBay
  103. Need Photos Of Wms ROAD KINGS Backbox Wiring
  104. Medieval Madness (or any pin) replacement rails
  105. zaccaria supersonic
  106. pop bumper light sockets for #47 bulbs
  107. Wanted a 1947 gottlieb maisie backglass or file
  108. Will Barter For Weller Soldering gun ...
  109. Mars God Of War For Sale...
  110. Price Drop:Mars God Of War
  111. Wanted: Hot Shot parts
  112. Loud Buzz coming from Knocker
  113. 1973 Gottlieb Hot Shot
  114. Wanted! 1970's Gottlieb EM 4 player back door
  115. WTB Devils Dare
  116. FS/FT Gottlieb Haunted House
  117. WTB Embryon Playfield
  118. Wanted: top left plastic for Strato-Flite
  119. Pinball Clinic from Austria/Europe!
  120. Wanted: Williams System 7 Transformer (Europe)
  121. Wanted: Williams solenoid Williams SFL-19 400/30-750-DC
  122. 4 project EM's for sale, east central Florida
  123. Addams Family Mods
  124. Williams "Lady Luck" for sale.
  125. WTB: TAF Addams Family Pinball Machine
  126. Em's wanted
  127. Road Show Lock Mod
  128. Need Bally A080 91864 C000 Sound Board
  129. Harley Davidson Pinball Machine for sale .
  130. Need Gottlieb Sys 1 transformer...
  131. 1974 Super Soccer
  132. Needed! Gottlieb EM Coin Door & Coin Entrance Plate
  133. 1948 Bally Ballerina
  134. Need back glass for a Williams satin doll pinball is Mayfair still around
  135. LAH plastic scan
  136. One very unique Twilight Zone for sale!
  137. Exclusive All-Black Creaturefrom the Black Lagoon for sale!
  138. Theatre of Magic for sale
  139. Space invaders playfield scan
  140. Black Knight lift trim for back glass
  141. DMD multicolor DMDST32 design and manufactured by pinballsp
  142. Gift for Father
  143. power supply
  144. Used pinball machines for cheap (lots of variety)
  145. saitek f1 4x4 toy pinball huge
  146. Mata Hari
  147. FS: Wizard of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition.
  148. Tripwire for 1967 em base hit pinball
  149. 1973 williams triple action
  150. WTB: Bally Four Million BC project machine or playfield
  151. Aladdins Castle Pinball