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Rush, A tribute to the rock band Rush, (3.0 updated version)
Rules, Light "2112" and "PRESTO" to light "RUSH" for special at the top kickerhole,
( special lasts for 60 seconds).
The upperleftside kicker(behind the lone rush droptarget) gives chance for multiball.
Light all five purple star targets for rightside kicker bonus,and a chance for bonus multiplier to increase.
Hitting the "Pink Rush logo" in the roto spinner during specials,
gives 30 second chance for additional special at the top lanes,also hitting the "Green Rush logo" during multiball,
gives chance for a 5000 point bonus at the top lanes.(otherwise the roto targets are worth 10 to 100 points).
Replay scores on the table card. (3.0 updated version include some ramp changes,
minor ajustments,new features and improved gameplay)
Some very well made midi renditions of Rush' music, are used for backgroud music.
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Author: Mark1 (markhector@rocketmail.com)
Version: 3.0
Filesize: 34.36 MB

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